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For more information about the Committee please contact the Chair, Ted White and/or the Co-Chair, Ian Burger:

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Remuneration committee

The committee’s primary purpose is to influence the development of national and international corporate governance policies relating to: (1) executive remuneration; and (2) non-executive remuneration, as well as other related matters.

Committee Members (2014 - 2015)

Ian Burger Ian Burger, Co-Chair, Newton Investment Management, UK
andrea di segni Andrea Di Segni, Sodali, Italy
BLANK PHOTO Pru Bennett, BlackRock, Australia
Francesco Chiapetta Francesco Chiapetta, Pirelli, Italy
BLANK PHOTO Natacha Dimitrijevic, Hermes, UK
BLANK PHOTO Catherine Jackson, PGGM Investment, Canada
Andrew Johnston Andrew Johnston, Altron, South Africa
Michael McCauley Head Shot Picture Michael McCauley, Florida State Board of Administration, USA
  Aeisha Mastagni, CalSTRS, USA
Jadi Manurung, Capital Market Supervisory Agency, Indonesia
 Geof Stapledon Geof Stapledon, BHP Billiton, Australia
BLANK PHOTO Escher Luanda, Government Institutions Pensions Fund, Namibia