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christian strenger

Christian Strenger

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DVFA Corporate Governance Commission

Professor Christian Strenger

After obtaining the MBA at the University of Cologne and completing trainee 
programs in New York and London, Prof. Strenger joined Deutsche Bank in 1972, 
where he held senior positions in corporate finance and asset management in 
Frankfurt, New York, and London until 1991. 
In 1991, he became CEO (of the management board) of ‘DWS Investment GmbH’, 
Germany’s largest mutual fund company with current assets of around 800 billion
euros. In 1999, he joined the supervisory board of DWS and assumed supervisory 
and advisory mandates of DAX companies. 
In his role as a founding member of the German Government’s Commission for the 
‘German Corporate Governance Code’ he particularly represented investor interests 
from 2001 to 2016. Today, he participates in the governance discussion as Vice-
Chairman of the DVFA Corporate Governance Commission that represents the four 
major German asset managers and leading governance experts. 
Internationally he is a member and past chairman of the International Corporate 
Governance Network (ICGN) and member of the BIAC Governance Committee at 
the OECD in Paris. In 2014, Prof. Strenger received the ICGN Lifetime Achiever 
Award in Corporate Governance for his continuing commitment in promoting 
international corporate governance. 
He is regularly invited to guest lectures at prominent universities (e.g. University of 
Münster, Philips University Marburg, and Yale University).
Prof. Strenger regularly publishes articles on important governance topics in leading 
financial journals and magazines and is a speaker or panel participant at national 
and international conferences.

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