Categories and Candidates

There are three award categories: the Global Stewardship Champion Award & Global Stewardship Disclosure Awards for asset managers and owners. 

The shortlists for the inaugural 2018 awards were announced on 9 August. The winners will be chosen by an independent panel of judges, and announced at the event on 4 December. 

Details of the shortlists and how they were selected are below.  

ICGN Global Stewardship Champion Award

This award recognizes individuals, organisations or collaborations whose actions have helped to make effective stewardship a reality in the markets in which they operate. The winner will be chosen for the impact of their activities during the twelve months ending 30 April 2018. 

Nominations were received from ICGN members and members of the Global Stewardship Codes Network (GSCN), although award nominees themselves are not required to be ICGN Members.  

All nominations were considered by the ICGN’s Global Stewardship Awards Committee, who chose the shortlist.

The nominees are: 

  • The Canadian Coalition for Good Governance 
  • Cartica Management LLC
  • Edward Mason, Church Commissioners for England  
  • Hermes EOS 
  • Niels Lemmers, Dutch Investors Association (VEB)


ICGN Global Stewardship Disclosure Awards

The purpose of these awards is to recognize those investors who provide genuine insight into their stewardship policies and how they are implemented, and whose approach to disclosure provides a model that others might follow. 

There are two awards: 

  • ICGN Global Stewardship Disclosure Awards (Asset Owners)
  • ICGN Global Stewardship Disclosure Awards (Asset Managers)

Unlike the Global Stewardship Champion Award, nominations were not required for these awards. All investors who are ICGN members were automatically eligible, apart from those that are represented on the ICGN board. 

An independent assessor reviewed all disclosures on the eligible investors’ websites during May and June against the published assessment criteria, and drew up ‘long lists’ of asset managers and owners whose disclosures they considered best met or exceeded the desired standard.

Download more details of the assessment criteria:

ICGN Stewardship Disclosure Criteria

These lists were then considered by the ICGN’s Global Stewardship Awards Committee, which chose the shortlists. In selecting the shortlists, the Committee bore in mind not only the overall quality of the individual disclosures but also, where there were a number of investors whose disclosures it considered to be roughly comparable, the desirability of having nominees from a range of countries and regions.

The nominees are:

ICGN Global Stewardship Disclosure Awards (Asset Owners)

  • CalSTRS
  • Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
  • HESTA Super Fund
  • NZ Super Fund
  • RPMI Railpen

ICGN Global Stewardship Disclosure Awards (Asset Managers)

  • Allianz Global Investors 
  • Aviva Investors
  • BlackRock 
  • Robeco 
  • UBS Asset Management 

The evening awards ceremony will take place following the ICGN Global Stewardship Forum on 4th December.