Carbon Offsetting Results

ICGN was proud to launch our first Carbon Neutral Event this year at the Annual Conference in Tokyo. We worked closely with Project Climate to calculate the carbon footprint of the event, we then offset this by donating to a Gold Standard climate protection project. 

We collected additional data in our registration form for the purposes of calculating the footprint - you can see the breakdown of the carbon footprint below. 

The average total CO2 per attendee was 3.2t - with the majority of Co2 produced by international travel. 

At the conference attendees had the option to vote for which project they would like ICGN to donate to, the vote took place during a presentation by ICGN CEO, Kerrie Waring and ICGN Board Member and Chief Corporate Governance Officer, Nissay Asset Management. Nissay Asset Management kindly sponsored this initiative. 


They had two options:

Project A:  Efficient cooking stoves, Ghana


Project B: Small run-off river hydro power, Laos 

And the winner was.... 

 Project B: Small run-off river hydro power, Laos !


Unsustainable firewood is the main source of primary energy consumption in Laos. This results in the deforestation of valuable tropical forests. This project taps into Laos’ high hydropower potential. It supplies rural communities with a reliable and green source of energy. The project saves more than 45,000t of C02 every year. The run-off river technology allows for sustainable energy production that benefits the entire region. Forests are able to recover, and jobs are created for the local population. A water supply program for nearby villages is also part of this project. 


Since 2012 Project Climate has supported companies and institutions that commit to climate protection – offering sustainable mobility consulting and CO2 offset. Project Climate advises on how to reduce the carbon footprint of an event.

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