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Biodiversity loss has jumped onto the global agenda. Scientists, economists, policy-makers, corporate boards and investment institutions increasingly recognise humanity’s role in driving biodiversity loss and how it impairs ecosystem services and damages the natural capital upon which our economy is based. 

As we enter what some call the Sixth Mass Extinction, describing the risks presented as daunting may be an understatement. We need game-changers: concepts, processes, strategies, frameworks and legal regimes that will change how the economy and capital markets interact with the environment. 

In this viewpoint, ICGN surveys the field and identifies 10 game-changing initiatives that can allow us to move rapidly and intentionally to tackle this challenge. We also provide ten sets of questions for boards to consider and for investment stewardship teams to use for engaging the companies in their portfolios. 

It is early days for addressing this challenge. But efforts are ramping up quickly. Our hope is that this viewpoint can help boards and investors understand the impressive efforts underway and determine where and how they can get started.

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