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2020 ICGN Corporate Governance Awardees

2020 ICGN Corporate Governance Awardees

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And the winners are..

The winners of the ICGN Corporate Governance Awards, recognising exceptional achievements in corporate governance, were announced at the ICGN Global Virtual Summit, a on 5 November 2020. 

ICGN Lifetime Achievement Award

Former ICGN Chairman, Former Associate Director of the Institute of Business Ethics Company Peter Montagnon was awarded posthumously with the prestigious ‘ICGN Lifetime Achievement Award’.  A former Chair of the ICGN, Peter has been described as “the father of modern investor stewardship ”, and was highly influential in shaping the corporate governance debate through his work at the Association of British Insurers, the Financial Reporting Council and the Institute of Business Ethics.

Accepting the award on behalf of her father, Tamsyn Montagnon said:

“My father would have been sincerely touched by this award, especially as it comes from the Members. He always enthused about and greatly enjoyed the projects he was involved with at the ICGN, to the point where I don’t think he even counted it as work. I think it was a place where he felt at home because his values matched the ICGN’s. He strongly believed the benefits to be gained from embracing good corporate governance would not only strengthen the institutions but would percolate out into society itself.”

Peter Montagnon

ICGN Lifetime Achievement Award

Jon Wilcox

John Wilcox, Chairman Emeritus, Morrow Sodali, was also awarded the ICGN Lifetime Achievement award. John has had a long and distinguished career with Georgeson & Company, TIAA-CREF and Morrow Sodali, throughout which he has consistently promoted   better governance standards and practices by corporations, both in the United States and around the world.

Upon receiving the ICGN Lifetime Achievement Award John Wilcox said:

“This award means a lot to me because the ICGN has played such an important role in my professional life. The work we did was exciting and had a big impact on the evolution of corporate governance.  Although this is a lifetime award for me, it does not mean the end of my involvement.  Today shareholders and companies are enlarging their focus to address corporate purpose, ESG, stakeholders and the social compact.  There are profound changes happening all around us. These changes mean that the ICGN will be more important than ever before.”

Excellence in Corporate Governance Award

Sarah Wilson, Chief Executive, Minerva Analytics, was awarded the ICGN Excellence in Corporate Governance Award. Sarah receives the award for her efforts to improve the essential infrastructure that underpins effective corporate governance and investor stewardship, such as cross-border voting.  

Upon accepting the award, Sarah said:

“It is an immense privilege to receive the ICGN Excellence in Corporate Governance Award. Over the years I have been constantly impressed and inspired by the hard work and success of the Network in grappling with complex ideas and some very wicked problems that face companies and investors.  Research and innovation requires persistence, and sometimes the results are not overnight and sometimes it does work at all, the important thing is to persist and find a way forward. The track record of ICGN over the years is testimony to that. Thank you ICGN.”

Sarah Wilson

Chair of ICGN

Robert Walker

ICGN Award candidates are nominated by ICGN Members who recommend the candidates for the impact of their efforts on  corporate governance standards and practices around the world. Announcing the awards Robert Walker, Chair of ICGN’s Board of Governors, said

“When attempting to bring about material improvements in corporate governance, there are very few quick wins. That is why the criteria for these awards include determination and resilience in overcoming difficulties and barriers. These are attributes that all three candidates have demonstrated in abundance, and we owe them all a debt of gratitude”.