2019 Award

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe accepted the award via video presentation. 

The International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN), an investor-led body with members representing assets under management in excess of US$34trillion based in over 45 countries, has awarded Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with the prestigious ICGN Global Governance Award. The award was made in recognition of Prime Minister Abe’s achievements towards improving corporate governance in Japan as part of a wider economic revitalisation strategy. 

The ICGN Global Governance Award recognises individuals who have significantly influenced corporate governance and investor stewardship policies and practices which serve to enhance long-term corporate value creation thereby contributing to sustainable economies and social prosperity.  

On receipt of the Award, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said:

“I am pleased that the ICGN Annual Conference 2019 is being held in Tokyo on such a magnificent scale. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for receiving the ICGN Global Governance Award. I am extremely grateful and honoured that the “Corporate Governance Reform” in which I put all my efforts as a major part of Abenomics policy is recognised by ICGN, which consists of global capital market participants.”


In presenting the award ICGN’s Chief Executive, Kerrie Waring, said: “Japan has undergone rapid reform since the publication of the Economic Revitalisation Strategy in 2013 under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s leadership. This has materialised in a raft of guidance issued by FSA, TSE, METI and MoJ, most notably Japan’s Corporate Governance and Investor Stewardship Codes. These milestones present a roadmap for engagement between companies and investors which will have a positive impact on long-term sustainable value. We cannot underestimate the importance of Prime Minister Abe’s commitment to embracing a new era of corporate governance reform in Japan and the measures undertaken by the FSA and others to move towards substantive change. It is therefore an honour for ICGN to make this award to Prime Minster Abe for his significant achievements.” 

Award nominees are put forward by ICGN Members on an annual basis and presented at the ICGN Annual Conference which this year is hosted by the Tokyo Stock Exchange on 16 July at the New Otani Hotel.  The lead award nominator said:

“The reforms in Japan began when Mr Shinzo Abe became Prime Minister. Under his economic policy “ABENOMICS”, the corporate governance and stewardship codes were introduced through the diligence of the FSA, which has contributed significantly to raising the standards of the Japanese capital market. We also believe this movement in Japan has influenced reforms in other Asian countries positively.”  

The inaugural ICGN Global Governance Awards were presented in 2001 to Sir Adrian Cadbury (UK), Ira M. Millstein (USA) and Professor Hasung Jang (Korea). This year, ICGN is awarding two individuals for their outstanding contribution to corporate governance reform: following the award to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this month, a further award will be announced in October and presented at ICGN’s Conference hosted by the Florida SBA.


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