2018 Award

From left to right:Fabio Galli, Director General, Assogestioni, Italy; Kerrie Waring, CEO, ICGN; Mauro Cunha, CEO, AMEC; Peter Butler, Founder Partner Emeritus, GO Investment Partners; David Devlin, Chairman, ECGI; Professor David R. Beatty C.M., O.B.E., F.ICD, CFA is the Conway Chair of the Clarkson Centre for Board Effectiveness, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto; Michael McCauley, Chairman, ICGN & Senior Officer, Investment Program & Governance, Florida SBA. 

The ICGN, an investor-led body with members representing assets under management in excess of US$34trillion, has announced awards to two organisations and one individual in honour of their exceptional achievements towards improving corporate governance. ICGN Award candidates are nominated by ICGN Members who recommend the candidates based on their contribution to corporate governance reform efforts around the world. 


David Beatty, Conway Chair of the Clarkson Centre for Board Effectiveness, Rotman School Management, University of Toronto was awarded the prestigious ‘ICGN Lifetime Achievement Award’ for his significant contribution to the advancement of corporate governance around the globe through his work as an educator, advisor, advocate and practicing board member and chairman. 


In receiving his award David said:

"Asset ownership and asset stewardship go hand in hand. The ICGN has pioneered this concept and brought it to practical life around the globe. It is a timely and vitally necessary initiative. Thank goodness we have such an institution! It is a true blessing for me to be honoured this evening and I urge the ICGN Members to keep pushing the frontiers of responsible stewardship forward.”


Two organisations were awarded the ‘Excellence in Corporate Governance Award’. The European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) was established in 2002 and is viewed as a source of critical research which has had a profound impact on how companies behave. Their intellectual support and academic credibility have been essential to corporate governance reform. 


Speaking at the event, David Devlin, ECGI Chairman, said

It is a great honour for ECGI to accept this award in recognition of more than 16 years of devotion to scientific research on corporate governance. It is important for there to be a flow of solid academic research for companies, policymakers and the general public to rely on in formulating best practice. ECGI publishes papers from a wide range of international perspectives and disciplines. The Institute has been a long-time friend and important ally of ICGN in advancing the cause of high quality corporate governance globally, which makes receipt of this prestigious award all the more important. 


Founded in 2002, the Associação de Investidores no Mercado de Capitais (AMEC) also received the Excellence in Corporate Governance Award for serving as a critical voice for domestic and foreign institutional investors in the Brazilian capital markets. AMEC aims to advance corporate governance reform throughout Brazil and contribute to the improvement of the regulatory framework.


Commenting on the award, Mauro Cunha, CEO of AMEC said

It is an honour to receive this award in name of our members, founders and my predecessors. It is recognition of the work AMEC has been performing over its 12 years to build healthy capital markets, promote shareholder rights and – most importantly – uphold good corporate governance values. I am grateful to ICGN as this award, with all its weight and legitimacy, will be a reminder that these values are the path to bring back our country to its former relevance in global markets.” 


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