2016 Award

The ICGN was pleased to award three individuals in 2016:

  • Professor Mervyn King
  • Richard Koppes
  • Ann Yerger


Professor Mervyn King was honoured with the ICGN Life-time Achievement Award. During his acceptance speech Mervyn said:

I'm humbled and proud to receive the ICGN Lifetime Achievement Award. The last third of my life has been focused on governance and trying to make a difference. The award is recognition that I have made a difference. It is so rewarding of awarding!


Mervyn was nominated by Andrew Johnston and was also supported by Christy Wood and David Couldridge. Andrew said:

There are very few local and global awards which Mervyn King has not had bestowed upon him for his immense contribution towards corporate governance and integrated reporting on a global scale. As the premier, voluntary, international corporate governance body, an award by the ICGN to Mervyn will be tantamount to due recognition globally for his lifelong service to developing corporate governance not only here in South Africa, but across the planet.


Richard Koppes was honoured with the ICGN Life-time Achievement Award.

During his acceptance speech Richard said:

I am very proud of the ICGN for making good corporate governance an excepted standard worldwide.


Richard was nominated by Jon Lukomnik and Anne Stausboll; along with six other co-nominators, Jon said:

Richard Koppes is one of the true pioneers of American and International corporate governance. He has worked, tirelessly and behind the scenes, for three decades. I think the fact that so many of the best known corporate governance practitioners in the United States are supporting this nomination is noteworthy. I also believe that the fact that the co-nominators represent multiple generations of corporate governance practitioners over the past quarter-century testifies to Mr. Koppes’ lifetime of dedication to, and expertise in, corporate governance.


Ann Yerger was presented with the ICGN Excellence in Corporate Governance Award.

During her acceptance speech Ann said:

I'm deeply honored to be recognized by the ICGN, an organization I have watched grow into the powerhouse it is today. I have the greatest respect for the ICGN and its important work enhancing investor rights and protections around the globe.


She was nominated by Michael McCauley who said:

Ann has worked towards advancing shareowner interests in a variety of ways over the last 25+ years of experience. She has provided immense guidance to both investors and issuers across a wide range of corporate governance issues, including executive compensation, board of directors’ performance, anti-takeover elements, and other key regulatory issues. 



Download the press releases here:

27 Jun_Awards Press Release

6 Dec_ICGN Award Press Release